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Prices coming soon

Prices coming soon

The global solution for liquid business to business trading
with transparent pricing for non-exchange traded metals.
A new commodity trading platform based on
Blockchain with smart contracts.
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| About Us |

What is MXC?

MetalXChain (MXC) offers an alternative way to trade physical metal. It aims to provide price transparency with liquidity for non-exchange traded metals. Each MXC metal token represents direct ownership of physical metal stored in approved warehouses.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain enables the transformation of physical metal into a modern digital asset, making it the perfect medium to record and transfer ownership. MXC is the pioneer team introducing Blockchain to the metal markets with a clear Industry Use-Case.

Metal & More

Real metal that can be digitally traded – 1 Metal Token represents ownership of 1MT of real metal. You’ll have full ownership of your metal and it is stored in approved warehouses. 

Secure & Reliable

Every MXC transaction relevant data including volume and price, made on Ethereum Blockchain is completely visible to everyone on the network, making it protected from accidental or deliberate destruction, ensuring that the assets are safe guarded. While counterparties’ information kept confidential.

Transparent Trading

Users will be able to trade MXC Tokens with real-time pricing 252 days a year, in a new secondary market. With simple exchange fee structures and order book trading, users have access to the full depth of liquidity and price information.

B2B Trading

A user-friendly trading platform to buy and sell MXC Tokens whenever you choose, allowing for cost effective and near instantaneous transactions that can be made 252 days a year.

| Team |

Dmitry Pastour 

Co-Managing Partner 

Udo Klein 

Co-Founder & Partner

| Updates |


We are pleased to inform you that we have now published the “How it Works”. More updates will follow soon as we approach the launch.


We are pleased to inform you that we have now published the Ferrochrome Contract (pilot metal), Contract Terms, Contract Specifications and Approved Origins. More updates will follow soon as we approach the launch.

| Press |

MetalXChain swimming upstream with new FeCr blockchain “token”


by Right Vein Society

MetalXChain became the latest company to try to marry the internet and blockchain with ferroalloys, specifically ferrochrome.

| Frequently Asked Questions |

MXC Blockchain technology is used only for the tokenizing of physical metal stored in approved warehouses trading on the MXC Platform and for canceling digital receipts. All other functions remain as industry practice today, including payments which is in FIAT currency.

MXC never trades and never holds any digital receipts.

MXC approves each warehouse before it can be added to the MXC network. MXC only approves warehouses that are used today by the industry and have a long history in handling the metals that are on the platform.

MXC approves each Assayer and Inspection company before it can be added to the network. MXC only approves Assayers that are ISO accredited and are currently used by the industry already.

Users will have access to live pricing on the platform.

Please see MXC Physical Contract Specification for each metal.

Yes, sellers and buyers are transecting anonymously on the platform.

MXC charges when users issue digital receipts, when users trade digital receipts and when users cancel digital receipts.

Yes, MXC is a Global Metal Platform open to anyone after approval by MXC.

After completing the registration and the KYC process, MXC will provide you with your log-in details to start tokenizing, trading and canceling digital receipts.

Ferrochrome has been known to have significant inefficiencies that have pegged the ferrochrome industry for many years and created a deficit in a smart solution to get it liquid and transparent. Whilst many other metals face similar issues, and they are already in the pipeline for launching on MXC after our Ferrochrome launch, we believe through our experience that the industry use case for ferrochrome is most relevant today.

| Partners |

MetalXChain AG is a member of the Crypto Valley Association.

| Contact |

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